Torrado Development

Completed Projects

Torrado / Picerne 1997-2011

Over 1,749 units developed in Puerto Rico. Click on the pictures below to learn about each project.

Torrado 2011-2016

Completed 4 consultancy asignments – 3 major project proposals – and two hundred fifty turnkey-key affordable units under HUDs’ Community redevelopment fund. During this period Torrado also established a Joint venture with Seaport Asia. In this venture Torrado is focused on landside development associated with port terminal operations.

In cooperation with Seaport Asia, Torrado has been a pioneer in an effort to diversify and reform Port Operations in Puerto Rico. Together they worked development plans for the Port of Ponce Mayaguez and San Juan.

Torrado has provided advise to Government on Port led Economic Development. Including it’s published study on the development of port assets in PR ” Port led Economic Development for Puerto Rico”. Torrado / Seaport Report was incorporated by the Joint Congressional Task Force on Economic Development in their 2015 Report.